Elink provides resources that inspire, educate and encourage others worldwide, to improve their lifestyle. The range includes innovative products to simplify life, books, educational videos and lifestyle enrichment information.

Elink actively promotes achievement in the eight life-balance areas of; Social, Home, Career, Finance, Health, Family, Relationship and Self. 

Improving your lifestyle can be as simple as reviewing these eight main areas and selecting which few need attention. The ask yourself, what are just a few things I could do differently that would have a positive impact in that area. 

It may be a new behaviour, or finding products that simplify your life. What ever it is I promise you will feel better just from doing the review exercise.

Enjoy life more by improving your lifestyle...

Category Description


Jobs, Study, Start-up Business, Business development, Marketing, Hobbies, Online e-commerce, Business wear, Executive toys, Accessories, Books, Audible & Magazines, Professional development.


Finance education, Share trading, Option trading, Investments, Real-estate, Banking, Insurance


Physical Fitness, Mental health. Holistic wellbeing, Medical, Wellness, Medication & Supplements


Family unit, Children, Baby care, Fashion, Pet supplies, Seniors, Entertainment


Partner relationship, Adult only, Romantic indulgence, Couples education, Apparel, Essential oils


Personal development, Self-help, Spiritual, Books & Magazine, Relaxation therapy, Apparel, Shoes, Jewelry, Luxury Beauty, Personal care, Courses, Music & video, Inspiration


Recreation activities, Gifts, Friends and associates, Community Service, Toys, Apps & Games, Collectibles, Entertainment, Travel accessories, Luggage, Internet, Sports & Outdoors


Kitchen, Bed, Bath, Living area, Tools and home improvement, Entertainment, Garden & Outdoors, Office products, Alliances, Art and Decor

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