Ever wondered why some people seem to make achieving success easy? Perhaps it is not such a mystery after all. If you starting out on a journey to achieve that elusive goal then may I suggest making time to honestly answer these three questions first. It will be your best investment ever...


1/       Can you clearly define your motivation and goals?

Mindset: Your motivation and energy comes from doing what is important to you. So the first question is what exactly are you trying to achieve and is it important? For example, if your motivation is to improve your life style, then how much money would make a difference? To achieve success with everything, a lot of effort is required. Ask yourself, “Am I prepared to make the sacrifices and do the work to achieve my goals?”


2/       What do you need to get started?

Mechanics: Surprisingly this is usually the most logical of the success process. Simply identify what resources are needed and then obtain them. It may be physical resources, skills or just knowledge. A useful personal creed is; “If I need it - I will get it”; “If I don’t know it - I will learn it”, “If I need to become it - I will become that person”.


3/       How do you want a Mentor to help you achieve goals?

Mentors: Let’s be clear about a Mentors role. They work with you as a guide to achieve your goals. They help you plan, motivate and then hold accountable your actions. They never make decisions for you and they certainly do not do your homework. Having clarified that, they are without doubt the most effective way to fast track your progress. Connect with others that have already achieved what you want to achieve and let them show you how.


Improving your lifestyle can be as simple as reviewing these eight main areas and selecting which few need attention. The ask yourself, what are just a few things I could do differently that would have a positive impact in that area.
It may be a new behaviour, or finding products that simplify your life. What ever it is I promise you will feel better just from doing the review exercise.
Enjoy life more by improving your lifestyle...
About the Author: 
David Bunney is an acclaimed Speaker, Business Mentor and International Best-Selling Author. His latest release is the lifestyle and business book; “Success Leaves A Trail”. He has a driving passion for helping others achieve the lifestyle of their choice.

Through his travels, he facilitates training workshops for entrepreneurs, corporate clients and government agencies. He is sought after as an Enrichment Speaker and regularly speaks on Royal Caribbean larger cruise ships and Princess Cruise Lines.

David has a core belief that anyone can improve their lifestyle through self-education and help from Mentors. He believes all achievements are the direct result of education and that the future of the world is founded on what we learn and teach others especially our youth.

Elink provides a range of selected products and resources that help simplify life and promotes achievement in the eight life-balance areas of; Social, Home, Career, Finance, Health, Family, Relationship and Self.

More about the founder at www.DavidBunney.com or view the product showcase at www.elink.com.au

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