So which area of your life needs attention? Small changes in the right place make a huge difference to your lifestyle.
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I know it sounds simple; really it is. I suggest doing it this way. Consider each of the eight areas and rate them individually on your level of satisfaction. You can use a scale of one to ten if you wish.

Then select the lowest rating areas of your life and just focus for a few moments on them. Ask yourself,"What could I do to improve this part of my life?

Don't over complicate the answer, just simple and quick solutions. To make a difference you probably only need a few suggestions. Then commit to taking action and actually doing them. It might be a small behaviour change or even a better attitude. Maybe it is a small product that would make a difference.

It really is that simple, now go for it and be proud of your efforts.

Don't forget to watch this video .1:30 Min


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